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As you can see below we have a list of some items for sale, this shop will be a growing feature with more products in time to come however we have just got our most popular items for the time being. If you are after collated dry wall screws please call me on 07970 411494 for a quote.

Everbuild PVA 5 Litre - £12.50
Everbuild PVA 5 Litre
SBR Bond 5 Litre - £18.50 SBR Bond 5 Litre
Skim Bead -
£1.00 Skim Bead
Skim Stop Bead -
£3.00 Skim Stop Bead
Render Bead-
£1.25 Render Bead
Render Stop Bead - £1.70 Render Stop Bead
Fibre Tape 50mm - £4.00 Per Roll Fibre Tape 50mm
Fibre Tape 100mm - £8.00 Per Roll Fibre Tape 100mm

If you have any questions relating to your order please don't hesitate to contact us.